Getting creative on your cv lay-out? Avoid these 5 common mistakes

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Getting creative on your cv lay-out? Avoid these 5 common mistakes

You want to get your cv noticed and stand out from cvs of other candidates? Giving your cv a creative make-over could help you accomplish that. But pay attention to these 5 common mistakes before your start getting creative.


  1. The design is inappropriate for the type of job you are looking for.

Make sure that your cv lay-out fits the type of job and company that are applying for. A quirky creative and playful design is only suitable for a job in which your creativity is an important factor of success. But when a job is all about being accurate and formal, you need a cv format that shows your professionalism instead of your quirky creativity.


  1. The cv is focused on the design instead of the real information

The information on your cv will always be the most important aspect of your cv. A creative lay-out may get you some extra attention, but it will not get you hired without serious content. Focus on the content first and start getting creative on the lay-out later. Don’t leave out crucial information just to make sure it all fits the creative cv lay-out.


  1. Getting ridiculous on your cv design

Be careful with jokes and funny design on your cv. Don’t make your job application ridiculous. Sure, a subtle well played touch of humor can get your cv noticed and break the ice during a job interview. However don’t make a joke the main feature of your cv, focus on showing professionalism. Recruiters take their job very serious and so should you.


  1. Sloppy design

If you are going to add design to your cv, make sure it’s crispy clean. Pay attention to details like text alignment, cropping of pictures and consistent use of fonts, headers and colors. Double-check every design detail before sending out your cv. A cv with sloppy design is just as awkward as a cv full of typos.


  1. Excessive design

Don’t make a circus flyer out of your cv. As often is the case with good design, less is more. This is definitely the case for design on your cv. Make your creative lay-out a subtle as possible. Adding colored headers and lines between the different elements, can already make your cv stand out from a standard cv lay-out. Your cv lay-out should increase the legibility of your cv, excessive design will do the opposite.


(Image source: Larisa Deac)

Carl Havermans

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