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At Go Sumo we take a marketing approach to job applications. Your Curriculum Vitae is the first impression you make in the job application process. Your CV is the first chance to promote yourself and to differentiate yourself from other candidates. Recruiters nowadays make the first selection after just a glimpse at the candidates CV’s. Besides a strong content, a stylish and professional CV design helps you to get yourself noticed, to stand out and differentiate yourself from other candidates.
We have over 10 years of experience in CV writing and CV template design. We have written CV’s for all professional levels, from students to top level management CV’s. We regularly meet with hiring managers and recruiters to evaluate our CV writing and CV templates. All of our cv templates fit the most common needs of hiring managers and recruiters. But we also have extensive job hunting experience ourselves. We know that the hiring process can we be incomprehensible for candidates. This is why we understand that you want to make the best of the parts of the process that you can control. Your CV is one of those key elements that you can control. Over the years we learned a lot of CV writing do’s and don’ts. In the Career Tips section of our website you will find some of our key findings and tips to improve your job applications.
We have designed many different CV templates to suit your personal style and the type of job you are applying for. From a creative style to a more formal style, but always with a professional appearance. We work hard to keep the editing of our cv templates a simple as possible. Every CV template package has an extensive instruction file included. If you have any questions or you need support with the editing of the cv template, you can always contact us through our contact page.​

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