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Which CV template should I choose? This is a question we get quite often here at GoSumo. Unfortunately there is no simple answer to this question. There are a couple of variables to consider. This makes it difficult to answer the question with a short answer on the FAQ page of this website. That is the reason I decided to write this post. I will try to explain all the aspects to consider when you are choosing a CV template. There are a couple of questions you should ask yourself to help you decide which CV template is best for you.

Do you have MS Office 2007 (or a more recent version) installed on your computer? Are you familiar with the basics of MS Word or MS PowerPoint?

On our GoSumo website we only sell Word and PowerPoint CV templates. Both versions are included in every CV template package. You should have Word or PowerPoint (MS Office 2007 or a more recent version) installed on your computer (Pc or Mac) to be able to edit the CV templates. The editing of the Word templates or PowerPoint templates is not difficult, all files are open and all text and elements are editable. You will also receive an instruction document when you order a CV template. However if you are not familiar with the basics of Word and PowerPoint it is maybe better to consider a different type template like an online CV editor to create your CV.

In which country are you looking for a job?

On our CV template overview page you can choose between CV templates with and without a photo on them. There is always a lot of discussion about photos on CV’s. In some countries photos on a CV are a real no-go, but in other countries it is well accepted to add a photo on your CV. Take this in consideration when you choose a CV template. You can also just delete the photo from the template of course, but keep in mind that you will have to do some extra aligning to fill the gap. If you do add a photo, make sure to take a suitable photo for a CV. Read more about this in our post 5 Little Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Job Application.

In what industry are you looking for a job and what kind of job are you applying for?

Maybe the most important question to ask yourself in what industry are you looking for a job and for what type job in particular. In some industries can go with a very creative CV, other industries require a more formal type of CV. But even in a very formal industry you can use one of our CV templates. We have several stylish CV templates that will help you stand out from other candidates without losing your professional and formal appearance.

CV Template in Word
Formal CV Template
What suits your own style?

First of all it is important to select a CV template with a design that you like yourself. But also consider a template that reflects your personality. Some are tempted to pick the most creative looking CV template just to make a bold statement, while in real life they have a much more timid personality. A bold design may provoke questions about the design during a job interview. Make sure you are comfortable with your CV design so you can answer these questions adequate.

Creative CV Template
Creative CV Template

We try to design cv templates to suit all different need. We have creative templates like CV Template StockholmCV Template Melbourne or CV Template Sydney. But we also have CV Templates with a more formal design, like CV Template AucklandCV Template Oslo or CV Template London. Look here for an overview of all the cv templates.

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