7 Gift ideas for careerists and job seekers

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Do you have a friend or relative that you want to surprise with a gift that will help him or her with finding the next step of their career? Or perhaps a gift that will inspire and motivate them to persist their job hunt? Here are 7 gift ideas that can give your friend that extra bit of inspiration and confidence or help them improve their chances of landing that new job.

Skill improvement: Online course.Give your friend the opportunity to improve their skills and their resumes by giving them an online course. Udemy is a great site for online courses, they have a wide selection of skill enhancement courses that you can start immediately. Or you can follow an online course at one of the top universities of the world via Edx.org

Job interview must have: Leather portfolio.What to bring to a job interview. You don’t need to bring a full back pack to your job interview, but at least you want to make sure that you bring a pen and something to take notes on. Make a professional appearance on your job interview with a leather portfolio case.

Motivational boost:Biographies can be a great source for valuable lessons and Daymond John’s book the Power of broke is packed with inspiring stories of people succeeding despite coming from an unfavorable situation. Another great source for business lessons and motivation is from Nike’s CEO Phil Knight’s autobiography Shoe Dog.

Maximum access: Linkedin Premium subscription.Get maximum access to job openings, recruiters and company information with a Linkedin premium subscription.

Career change inspiration: Is your friend considering a career change? This means your friend about to make some tough decisions. This books can give guidance and help them to take the right decision: Designing your Life – Bill Burnett & Dave Evans

First impression boost: CV / Resume template.The cv /resume is often the first impression you make on a job application. It’s the first thing a recruiter looks at after receiving a job application. Stand out from other candidates with a professional cv design.

Video job application: Laptop stand

During the Covid-19 pandemic the job application process has changed a lot. The most significant change for applicants was having to do the job interview by video connection from your own home. Many recruiters think this is a development that is here to stay, particularly for the first round of interview. A laptop stand can help you to set up your laptop at the right height for a video interview.  It is best to set up your laptop is to have the camera at the same height as your eyes.

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